A suite of useful embedded-engineering related calculators.

As-you-type Updating

No more pressing the "Calculate" button! All parts of the calculator update as you type.

Metric Prefix Support

Enter values in the same concise format engineers use, using metric prefixes (e.g. u, m, k, M, G, e.t.c). Makes widely-varying values easy to enter and understand.

Metric/Imperial Unit Support

Dynamic unit-changing support (including various metric and imperial units where appropriate).

Continuous Sanity Checks

Continuously checking validators which make sure calculator variables are within range and sensible.

Helpful Tooltip Info

Helpful tooltip information for each calculator variable.

Smart Calculator Resizing

Smart calculator resizing to cater for various screen sizes and resolutions.

Expandable Info For Each Calculator

Want to know the exact equations each calculator is using? Interested in the theory behind each calculator? Expand each calculators "Info" section to get a detailed description of whats going on.

Bugs, Feature Requests, Questions, e.t.c

Please create an issue in the GitHub repository if you want to log a bug, make a feature request, ask a question, e.t.c.

Java Downloads

Before NinjaCalc was a web app (v2.0.0), it used to be a downloadable Java app. You can still download the old Java app (at v1.3.0) from the links below:

v1.3.0 (Win)

v1.3.0 (OS X)


Thanks to Phillip Abplanalp, Zac Frank, Jason Cleland and Brendon Le Comte for user-interaction guidance and tips!

Thanks to the additional testing done by William Hunter and Jared Eagle.

Thanks to alexcurtis for the time and effort he put into the react-treebeard module.

Thanks to the kids at Facebook for the great react framework (albeit no longer used!).

Thanks to Jesse Eedrah for guidance and help with Javascript and the React/Redux stack.

Thanks to Michael O'Donnell (a la Mod) for sharing some of his pro-knowledge of the C#/.NET language.

GIFs for this home page created with the amazing open-source "Screen To Gif" program.

The team at ej-technologies have graciously donated me an open-source licensed version of , the multi-platform installer builder for Java applications.