Problems installing? See the Installation section.


ANSI Escape Sequence Support

NinjaTerm supports ANSI escape sequences for changing the terminal text colour. Use this to colour debug text from each module in your microcontroller's firmware a different colour, and/or colour all warning/error messages red!

Smart Filtering

Hard to focus on just one issue when there is a deluge of debug messages coming from the microcontroller? Use intelligent filtering which hides lines that don't match your search. Use it to focus on debug messages from particular firmware modules, or to just show error messages!

Multiple Port Support

Each instance of NinjaTerm is not limited to just one COM port. Open up multiple tabs, and have multiple terminals/COM ports open at the same time!


The powerful macro functionality allows you to input pre-defined sequences of data that can be sent at the press of a button (perfect to sending AT commands). The data can be in either ASCII (escape sequences for non-printable chars supported!) or hex.

Flexible Layout Options

Not all uses terminal software work well with the same layout. Sometimes you want a "bash shell" style terminal window, sometimes you want separate panes for TX and RX data. NinjaTerm supports both, interchangeable at the tick of a checkbox!

Plus more handy stuff!


TIME SAVER – If you already have NinjaTerm installed, just run it and the auto-updater should ask you if you wish to download and update your version of NinjaTerm.

Java run-time environment (JRE) v1.8 (a.k.a. Java 8) or higher is required on any platform. Download the Java JRE here.


  1. Click the 'Win' download link above to download a .exe installer.
  2. Run the .exe, NinjaTerm should install.
  3. All done!

UNIX (e.g. Ubuntu)

Note that the commands are tailored to Debian systems (i.e. apt-get). They will have to be modified for Redhat systems (i.e. using yum/rpm).

  1. Click the 'nix' download link above to download a '.sh' installer.

  2. Give the current user executable permissions for the file:

    chmod +x

  3. Run the installer with the command:


    This should also install openjfx if not already on your system.

  4. The installer will stop if you haven't got Java v1.8 or greater installed. You can install this with:

    sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

  5. All done! Note that if NinjaTerm is not finding your COM port, it may be because the user who ran NinjaTerm does not have privileges to access it. To give yourself access privileges, run:

    sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0

Bugs, Feature Requests, Questions, e.t.c

Please create an issue in the GitHub repository if you want to log a bug, make a feature request, ask a question, e.t.c.


Thanks to Zac Frank for user-interaction guidance and tips!

Thanks to the additional testing done by William Hunter.

Thanks to John Hofman for helping port the project to Maven and setup TravisCI.

GIFs for this home page created with the amazing open-source "Screen To Gif" program.

The team at ej-technologies have graciously donated me an open-source licensed version of , the multi-platform installer builder for Java applications. They have also provided , a top-notch Java profiler.